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For millennia, humans have developed trust-building mechanisms among people, businesses and governments: human contact, legislation & contracts, authorities & institutions…

Today, traditional trust mechanisms need to be transposed to the digital world. Indeed, low levels of trust induced by breaches and malicious usage could hinder the deployment of digital technologies.

In order for the society to benefit from the opportunities offered by digitalization, we need to create a technical, legal and ethical framework that delivers strong guarantees, is universal, and reduces the cost of achieving trust in the digital world.


About the center

Housed at EPFL, the Center for Digital Trust (C4DT) brings together 20 partners, 37 laboratories, civil society, and policy actors to collaborate, share insight, and to gain early access to trust-building technologies, building on state-of-the-art research at EPFL and beyond.

C4DT Service Domains

4 services domains respond to partners’ needs in terms of collaboration and community, education, open-source state-of-the-art prototype showcasing and projects


Showcase new technologies into a high-quality digital trust platform. Identify best practices and provide support to quickly prototype solutions.


Educate through tailored training programs led by experts on trust-building technologies. Develop skills and raise awareness on digital trust.


Bring people together to collaborate. Identify opportunities. Organize events. Connect ideas, people, organizations, and scientific domains.


Facilitate the identification and setup of projects, to accelerate the deployment of cutting-edge commercially viable solutions.

Digital trust can be achieved by

• Exploiting the human, political, and economic implications of digitalization, thus aligning technologies, laws, industry standards, ethics and public perceptions.

• Proposing adequate and pragmatic solutions to enable companies, institutions and citizens worldwide to become digitally trustworthy and to create new opportunities.

• Synergies between existing and emerging technologies, including blockchains, smart contracts, privacy-enhancing technologies, advanced cryptography, software verification and numerous other technologies that researchers and innovators are currently developing.

Pillars & Verticals

C4DT provides its partners access to knowledge and expertise distributed over EPFL’s research labs in the following trust-building technologies pillars.

Furthermore, its community builds on 5 application verticals to illustrate how these technologies contribute to solving the challenges of achieving trust in the digital world.

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