Courses for Decision Makers

Organized by the Academy and delivered by accomplished EPFL professors and seasoned industry professionals. These courses are designed for those who want to better understand ICT and Digital Trust topics.

Foundations of ICT and Digital Trust

To be able to understand fundamental data protection challenges, interpret the technical implications of privacy, understand current digital trends such as artificial intelligence and blockchains, and communicate properly with technical experts who develop and maintain digital systems, it is crucial for professionals to have a core understanding of notions and concepts from computer science and information security.

Intended for professionals who see information and communication technologies (ICT) as an opportunity to better engage with beneficiaries and clients, this 5-day course will give you and your organization the ability to take more leadership responsibilities in digital innovation, instead of merely moderating between IT stakeholders.

Advanced Courses

The advanced courses elaborate over the modules and topics included in the Foundations of ICT course and provide a deeper and richer dive into each of those topics.

The first advanced course is currently under development and more information will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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Nov 27, 2018News
A growing number of wearable devices are becoming available. By their ability to measure physical activity and physiological characteristics such as heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, etc., they constitute a cornerstone for the quantified self and personalized health. Yet, unavoidably, they bring a number of challenges in terms of security and privacy. This workshop will be held on Thursday, 6 December from 10:15-13:00, in room BC 410 at the EPFL.

Nov 2, 2018News
The founding General Assembly of C4DT was held on Friday, 2 November, in presence of the President of EPFL, Martin Vetterli, and of 50 guests. The 12 partners of the Center said they are keen to apply research to their business needs and regulatory requirements, at a time when digitalization is affecting their mission. EPFL professors then underlined the potential for improvements in digital protection and security.

Mar 2, 2018News
A group of lawyers and policy workers from the International Red Cross (ICRC) and other organizations concluded a computing and digital trust awareness-raising training at EPFL.The week-long course in collaboration with C4DT is intended to equip them with the tools to evaluate the impact of information systems on their humanitarian activities. The course starts from computing basics and touches cloud computing, information security and privacy preservation.

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