The C4DT Embassy is facilitating collaboration through workshops and events. It helps partners sharing insights and exchanging knowledge. It connects ideas, people, organizations, and scientific domains. It promotes C4DT and its partners.

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Mar 9, 2022Press reviews
Dès le lundi 7 mars, Heidi.news invite à prendre de la hauteur par rapport à la guerre en Ukraine et son flot incessant d'informations. Pour cette «semaine des spécialistes», nous sommes partis à la recherche d’esprits aiguisés pour nous aider à mieux comprendre ce qui se joue là, sous nos yeux, à notre porte. Ancienne analyste de l'armée américaine, Chelsea Manning était de passage à l'EPFL pour une conférence co-organisée par la Trust Valley sur le thème du futur des données et de la vie privée en temps de guerre. Heidi.news l'y a rencontrée.

Nov 23, 2021News
We are delighted to announce that 3 additional start-ups have joined the C4DT community through the C4DT start-up program. For two years Duokey SA, Futurae Technologies AG and Nym Technologies SA will complement the already diverse group of partner companies through their start-up perspectives to collaborate and share insights on trust-building technologies. Their agility and innovation of has permitted these start-ups to differentiate themselves in their respective fields. We are looking forward to an exciting and fruitful collaboration. Please click below for more information.

Sep 23, 2021News
Tune Insight B2B software enables organizations to make better decisions by collaborating securely on their sensitive data to extract collective insights. Incubated at the EPFL Laboratory for Data Security, with a deployment in Swiss university hospitals and customer-funded projects in the insurance and cybersecurity businesses, Tune Insight will use the funds to accelerate product development, strengthen the team, and onboard more customers. For more information click below.

Jun 16, 2021Press reviews
Giving back to citizens the control of their private life in the face of digital technology: this is the mission of the French company Little Syster. Launched in 2020, it uses a technology based on artificial intelligence that was developed at the LSIR EPFL laboratory headed by C4DT affiliated Prof. K. Aberer.

Apr 8, 2021Blog posts
On the 7th of March, the Swiss population voted on a ban for full face coverings, the e-ID Act, and an economic partnership agreement with Indonesia. As with all Swiss referendums since 2019, the EPFL election prediction tool Predikon generated real-time predictions for the vote outcomes.

Next Events

Sep 29, 2022 → Sep 30, 2022other conferences
The Stanford Internet Observatory and the Trust and Safety Foundation will host a two-day conference focusing on cutting-edge research in trust and safety for those in academia, industry, civil society, and government.

Oct 31, 2022 → Nov 4, 2022C4DT courses
C4DT is organizing the 7th edition of the "FICT for Decision Makers" course. The target audience is managers and executives, without any technical prerequisites. The audience will gain in-depth understanding of the digital ecosystem.