Where? Online
– 1h-1.5h duration daily for one week

– Same starting time each day (to be determined)

– Individual talks / moderated panel discussions / others

Target group? C4DT community only
Why participate? 
On the 7th of March the Swiss population will vote on a law the Federal Council and the Parliament have prepared establishing an identification system recognized by the Confederation: the e-ID. The new e-ID law defines a unique identification procedure that can be used to make purchases or obtain services on the Internet in a simple and secure way (e.g. opening a bank account or ordering an official document). Opportunities that arise through digital identification will not only depend on a country’s implementation but also on the trust which its citizens have in its government and institutions. During this week, which follows the referendum, we would like to
– discuss the eID law and compare it to the one already implemented by other countries.
– discuss the population’s trust and willingness to adopt a national eID,
– get the perspective of a Swiss Consumer group and learn about the tech implementation and perspective of a digital ID provider,
– hear researchers’ point of view on the implementation challenges, possible solutions and research trends.
Finally, during a moderated wrap up session, we will try to identify and frame a challenge / use case on which the eID workgroup can solve with the support of research.
Agenda? (to be confirmed)
Monday 08/03: LEGAL. What does the law say? How does it compare to other countries? Interoperability of eIDs between countries? Where does the law evolve from here?
Tuesday 09/03: CIVIL SOCIETY. Analysing and discussing the results of the referendum. Swiss population’s trust in an eID? The consumer’s perspective.
Wednesday 10/03: BUSINESS. Opportunities and business models. The IDP perspective.
Thursday 11/03: RESEARCH. perspective (visionary) from the EPFL research community: Future of eID? Where are we heading? Risks, potential solutions?
Friday 12/03: WRAP UP. Identification of a challenge / use case for the eID workgroup.
Registration? more information will follow.