Preliminary Programme
Information Session:
Funding Multilateral Projects in Cybersecurity / Digital Trust
Horizon 2020 Cybersecurity Calls 2019 and Other Funding Opportunities

Aim: Inform researchers and industrial partners, active in the field of cybersecurity / digital trust, about current opportunities to fund multilateral projects (collaborative projects involving multiple research and industry partners) using H2020 as well as other Swiss and EU sources of financing.

The sessions are open to EPFL and non-EPFL researchers as well as C4DT (Centre for Digital Trust) partners.

Where and when:
Lausanne (EPFL): May 20, 2019 (16.15-17.15 pm in room BC 420)
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Duration Subject Speaker(s)
5 min Introduction Gilles Dubochet, C4DT, EPFL
10 min Introduction to EU cybersecurity funding in H2020 and beyond Francesco Kienzle, NCP-ICT, Euresearch
10 min Overview of the 7 cybersecurity-related H2020 calls in 2019 Francesco Kienzle, NCP-ICT, Euresearch
10 min Practical insights for using EU collaborative calls to develop multilateral projects Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz, ReO-ICI, EPFL
10 min Other financing opportunities (Innosuisse, Eureka) TBD, ReO, EPFL
5 min Information about upcoming C4DT activities to facilitate multilateral project creation Gilles Dubochet, C4DT, EPFL
10 min Example of running projects – Discussion TBD


  • Research Office
    (International Collaborative Initiatives)
  • Euresearch (NCP-ICT, NCP-Security)
  • C4DT: Center for Digital Trust at EPFL