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C4DT workshops

C4DT panel discussion on Quantum Safety

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A distinguished panel of academics and industry experts will share their insights, experiences and industrial perspectives:
– Dr. Tommaso Gagliardoni – Cryptography expert at Kudelski Security
– Dr. Dimitar Jetchev – CTO and co-founder at Inpher
– Dr. Grégoire Ribordy – CEO and founder at ID Quantique
– Dr. Juan Troncoso-Pastoriza – Scientist at Laboratory for Data Security (LDS), EPFL
Moderated by Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux – Academic director at C4DT and Head of the Laboratory for Data Security (LDS), EPFL

– Establish a common understanding of quantum terminologies, such as “quantum computing”, “quantum supremacy”, “quantum-safe cryptography”, “quantum cryptography.
– Understanding the concrete risks/dangers that quantum attacks pose to a company’s data security / cryptographic schemes and the timeline of such attacks.
– Raising awareness among leaders to prepare enterprises now for a secure future.

3-hour panel discussion: 4 panelists and one moderator.
– Each panelist holds a 15-20 min talk on a selected topic and shares his/her insights.
– 45min discussion on submitted questions from partners.
– 45min open discussion with audience.
Is this for me?
The discussion will be tailored to non-experts of the C4DT community. However, some basic knowledge on cryptography will probably help you follow certain parts of the discussion. Where possible, use cases and practical industry challenges will be addressed. Please do not hesitate to extend this invitation to colleagues who could be interested in the event.
Will I be able to ask questions?
Yes, as a C4DT community member you have the possibility to send me your questions via email prior to the event. We will try to cover them during the panel discussions. The third hour will be dedicated to an open discussion between the audience (on site) and the panelists. Both discussions will be moderated by Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux. As a remote participant you will be able to post questions via Zoom’s Q&A functionality only.

Do I need to register for this event?
If you intent to access to event remotely, no registration is required. As a C4DT community member you will have received thw login information via the C4DT email. Please send me an email if this is not the case.

C4DT conferences

C4DT Webinar on Critical Infrastructures in Switzerland: are they crisis-resilient?

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In times of crises, we become acutely aware how important infrastructures are as a basis for society to continue to function … and to recover in the aftermath. But this is not only the question of the importance of foundational infrastructures, such as telecom, postal services, public transport and electricity, it is also the question of their resilience. In this webinar, we will discuss these questions for the case of Switzerland, together with representatives of the major Swiss infrastructure providers – Swissgrid, SBB, Swiss Post and Swisscom. The webinar will be introduced and moderated by Prof. Matthias Finger, Swiss Post Chair in Management of Network Industries at EPFL and will benefit from the critical view of a representative of the Swiss Confederation in charge of the national security network.

Wednesday, June 2nd, 10:30-12:00, remote.

5 talks (10 min each). Four speakers will discuss how critical their respective infrastructures are for Switzerland, especially in times of crises, such as COVID. They will provide considerations about their infrastructure’s resilience, but also about the lessons they have learned from the current crises for the future. Following the insights provided by the four speakers, Mr. Duvillard will offer his personal reaction from the perspective of the Confederation.

10:30 – Postlogistics by Dieter Bambauer
10:40 – SBB by Daniel Schlup
10:50 – Swisscom by Reto Näf
11:00 – Swissgrid by Maurice Dierick
11:10 – Perspective of the Confederation by André Duvillard

Panel discussion moderated by Matthias Finger
11:20 – Panel discussion with Q&A
12:00 – End of Webinar

C4DT conferences

C4DT Webinar on SwissCovid (DP^3T project) – a proximity-tracing app against COVID-19: building trust in a technology solution

​Privacy-preserving proximity tracing to help slow the spread of theSARS-CoV-2 virus has captured the attention of governments and general public alike. Coordinated by EPFL and ETH Zürich, an international consortium of researchers has spearheaded the design and implementation of a decentralized and thus privacy-conscious solution. T​he challenge is not just technical, but also societal,legal and ethical: ​the success of this approach vastly depends on the proportion of citizens installing the app. A distinguished and diverse panel will discuss how trust is needed to foster adoption by the population.

May 27th, 10:30 – 12:30, remote.

PART 1 (total: 60min)
Technical: How does the application work?
Format:​ short talks by Carmela Troncoso, Mathias Payer and Edouard Bugnion, introduced by Jean-Pierre Hubaux​.<
C. Troncoso: Technical aspects of the DP^3T protocol (privacy-preserving)
M. Payer: Technical aspects of DP^3T (experiments and test results)
E. Bugnion: the role of Google and Apple
PART 2 (total: 60min)
Building trust to encourage the population to adopt a technology solution.
Format: ​panel discussion (Marcel Salathé, EPFL; Jim Larus, EPFL; Effy Vayena, ETHZ; Anne-Christine Fornage, CFC), moderated by Jean-Pierre Hubaux, EPFL​.
The panel will discuss the ethical, societal and legal challenges

For more information regarding the DP^3T project, please visit DP^3T’s github page.
Please click here to access the slides of the technical presentations and here to view the recording of the event.

16.11 - 17.11.20
other conferences

RegHorizon’s AI Policy Conference

Following the postponement of conference, the new dates have been confirmed: 16-17th of November 2020. Wide application of AI technologies has enormous benefits, but it also presents unprecedented challenges in terms of privacy, cybersecurity, consumer rights and ethics. As societal expectations evolve, lack of clear global rules & slow pace of policy developments in this area presents a major challenge to businesses worldwide. RegHorizon’s AI Policy Conference is organized in collaboration with the ETHZ and will focus mainly on the role policy frameworks can play for AI’s future development. For more information please click here.

November 16th & 17th, 2020, 14h-19h online

C4DT workshops

C4DT technical training on Drynx library

C4DT’s Factory provides a hands-on technical training for C4DT partners on a library called Drynx. Drynx allows to create privacy-preserving queries on encrypted datasets that are stored at different data providers who don’t want to share the original data. Different types of statistical queries are possible, like average, standard deviation, linear and logistic regressions – all using homomorphic encryption, which means that the data is never shared in cleartext. The course trainers are C4DT Factory Engineers Linus Gasser and Valérien Rousset.

Please note that this event is for C4DT partners only.

The current program is

09:00 – Introduction to Drynx: capabilities, limits, architecture, api, including 30′ “big picture” by Dr. Juan Troncoso-Pastoriza or Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux
10:00 – Hands-on: each participant sets up a DataProvider
11:00 – Hands-on: creating queries across the DataProviders
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Hands-on: using queries from Drynx
14:00 – How to call from other languages
15:00 – Roadmap for Drynx2 and discussion of next steps
16:00 – End

March 6th, 2020, 09:00-16:00 @ EPFL Building BC (room to be confirmed), 1014 Ecublens, Switzerland