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Mar 25, 2021
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Digital Cooperation Dialogues – Dialogue 5 : Data and Technology for Development

The implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has shown the critical role of data and technology to advance sustainable and inclusive development. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of leveraging data and digital technologies to ensure a rapid, agile, and effective response to both the pandemic as it unfolds and the economic recovery in its aftermath. Data plays a catalytic role in informing targeted decision-making at the national and supranational levels while technology can be harnessed to realize new and innovative ways to implement tangible solutions on the ground.

Under the overarching theme of harnessing data and technology for development, this cross-sectorial dialogue will feature two complementary discussions. The first panel will focus on data for development, presenting the World Bank SDG Atlas and its innovative data visualizations, and discussing the role of data in leading a resilient recovery and achieving the SDGs. The second panel will focus on technology for development, presenting EPFL’s Tech4Dev initiative and showcasing best practices in technology transfer that can be adopted by multiple stakeholders in international development.

Mar 8 - Mar 12, 2021
C4DT workshops

C4DT digital ID week

On the 7th of March the Swiss population will vote on a law the Federal Council and the Parliament have prepared establishing an identification system recognized by the Confederation: the e-ID. Opportunities that arise through digital identification will not only depend on a country’s implementation but also on the trust which its citizens have in its government and institutions. During the week of the 8th to 12th of March, which follows the referendum, we would like to
– discuss the eID law and compare it to the one already implemented by other countries,
– discuss the population’s trust and willingness to adopt a national eID,
– get the perspective of a Swiss Consumer group and learn about the tech implementation and perspective of a digital ID provider,
– hear researchers’ point of view on the implementation challenges, possible solutions and research trends.
Finally, we will try to identify and frame a challenge / use case on which the eID workgroup can solve with the support of research.
Please note that this is a C4DT community event only.

Feb 16, 2021
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COVID Response and Digital Trust

While the SwissCovid proximity tracing app was designed as decentralized and privacy-preserving, adoption rates have been low, and non-users have cited privacy and data protection as the top reason for not adopting. Similar results have been seen in other countries. Given the potential benefits of such an app, and users willingness to use apps with less privacy and arguably less social benefits, this suggests a need for a better understanding of privacy along with a greater focus on generating digital trust in society.

IHEID’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration and the Global Health Centre invite you to join them for a panel discussion on the privacy features of the proximity tracing apps, the implications of such tech for global health, and general privacy and online trust, with a view to the lessons learned, and what can be done better.

For more information please click below.

Tuesday, February 16th, 15h00-16h00 (CET), online

Jan 25, 2021
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AMLD 2021 Track AI & Democracy

With the massive use of Fake News and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the general public is aware that AI can harm democratic processes. But on its bright side, can machine learning help us to better understand and improve democracy?

Applied Machine Learning Days at EPFL in 2021 will consists of monthly thematically focussed conferences on machine learning and artificial intelligence with top speakers from around the world. The AI & Democracy track explores the challenges and opportunities that lie at the intersection of politics, law, and machine learning – beyond Fake News and Cambridge Analytica. Open Government Initiatives have opened access to vast amounts of data that political scientists, lawmakers, legal experts, journalists, and data scientists exploit to gain insights into political and legal processes.

For more information please click below.

Monday, January 25th 2021, 09h00-17h00, online

Jan 20, 2021
C4DT workshops

C4DT start-up onboarding event

During this event the 4 associate partners, who joined the C4DT as part of the C4DT start-up program, will present themselves to the C4DT community. For two years Regdata,, Taurus and Xorlab will complement the already diverse group of partner companies through their start-up perspective and collaborate and share insights on trust-building technologies. Virtually meet them, learn about their activities and ask questions and discuss with your start-up(s) of interest in 4 concurrent break-out sessions.

This is a C4DT community event only.

Dec 7 - Dec 11, 2020
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IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST)

IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST) is the premier symposium that facilitates the rapid growth of hardware-based security research and development. Since 2008, HOST has served as the globally recognized event for researchers and practitioners to advance knowledge and technologies related to hardware security and assurance.

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Dec 2, 2020
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2020 Brussels Privacy Symposium (virtual) on Research and the Personal Data Protection under GDPR

The Brussels Privacy Hub of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the Future of Privacy Forum cordially invite you to the 2020 Brussels Privacy Symposium. 2 panels will discuss the research and the protection of personal data under the GDPR. The topic of the first panel is “Complex Interactions: the GDPR, Data Protection and Research”, while the sencond panel will discuss the topic “Using Sensitive Data in Research to Counter (Hidden) Bias and Discrimination”.
To view the full agenda & for more information click below to visit FPF’s Brussels Privacy Symposium webpage.

Wednesday, December 2nd 2020, 14:00-17:15 (CEST), online

Dec 1, 2020
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Webinar on Contact Tracing & Giant Data Collectors: A Journey from Utopia to Dystopia

The second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic is surging in the world.  Many countries had high expectations from digital contact tracing as a means to improve the efficiency of the manual tracing. In this webinar renowned international experts present their research results and views on solutions for digital contact tracing. We critically discuss the deployed solutions with respect to their security, privacy and effectiveness. In particular, we discuss the risks and threats of using solutions that are provided by giant data collectors. The event is supported by the Collaborative Research Center CROSSING (funded by the German Research Foundation DFG).

Participation is free of charge. In order to register and to see the full agenda please click below.

December 1st 2020, 13h-18h30, online

Nov 23 - Nov 27, 2020
C4DT courses

Foundations of ICT for decision makers

Intended for professionals from the philanthropic and non-profit sectors, who see information and communication technologies (ICT) as an opportunity to better engage with beneficiaries and stakeholders, this 5-day course will give you and your organization the ability and the toolset to take more leadership
responsibilities in driving your digital transformation. The courses are developed by the Center for Digital Trust (C4DT) at EPFL, in close partnership with Fondation Lombard Odier.

The course will be held on 23-27 November 2020 entirely online.
For more information please click below.

Nov 23 - Nov 23, 2020
C4DT conferences

Data 2025 v.2.0 Conference

We are delighted to announce a new date for the Data 2025 Conference which will take place in an online format.

This conference, organized jointly by the Graduate Institute Geneva’s Center for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI) and the Center for Digital Trust (C4DT), will discuss what data is, based on technical and economic realities. It will start with the present, but look forward to the opportunities, and the challenges, that new technologies will bring for the year 2025.

For more information please click below.

Nov 18 - Nov 18, 2020
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Control over our data: what role for international Geneva on data governance?

Today, a global digital society is emerging through the transfer of data abroad on a massive scale. Some states, however, seem to be returning to national isolationism, encouraging local storage solutions so as to be less dependent on foreign infrastructures and platforms. Switzerland is debating the adoption of a ‘Swiss Cloud’ for certain categories of data, while our neighbors are considering a European strategy. In addition to the geopolitical dimension, this massive transfer of data in Switzerland and abroad raises questions concerning protection of our privacy and control over our data. This conference will examine the role of multilateralism in the search for global responses.

The Digital Transformation Office of the University of Geneva invites you to join its e-conference on “Control over our data: what role for international Geneva on data governance?” on Wednesday 18th of November.

For more information please click below.

Nov 16 - Nov 17, 2020
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RegHorizon’s AI Policy Conference

Following the postponement of conference, the new dates have been confirmed: 16-17th of November 2020. Wide application of AI technologies has enormous benefits, but it also presents unprecedented challenges in terms of privacy, cybersecurity, consumer rights and ethics. As societal expectations evolve, lack of clear global rules & slow pace of policy developments in this area presents a major challenge to businesses worldwide. RegHorizon’s AI Policy Conference is organized in collaboration with the ETHZ and will focus mainly on the role policy frameworks can play for AI’s future development. For more information please click below.

November 16th & 17th, 2020, 14h-19h online