The Factory team works on projects from the labs, in collaboration with industrial partners, to stabilize the software and make it ready for use in projects from the industrial partners. The team also gives support and creates documentation for the laboratories and the partners to use.

Linus Gasser is a long-time programmer: he wrote ‘hello world’ at the age of 7, and a back-propagating neuronal network at the age of 14, well before the first www-server. He has been working for the past 3.5 years in the DEDIS lab, where he learnt the basics of decentralized systems, why privacy is important, and how to build a blockchain from scratch.

He likes to work in a small team of motivated software developers on as many projects as possible. Currently he’s working hard on understanding what matters in a good UI and how to make software as simple as possible, but not more.

Christian Grigis has been captivated by computers since he stumbled upon a programmable calculator and 8-bit machines in his childhood. Instantly hooked, he decided to make it his career.

Before joining the C4DT, he worked in Switzerland and the USA in diverse companies. His interest in all aspects of computing led him to pursue projects ranging from embedded systems to web services, in the mobile, pay-TV, IT, medical and avionics industries, with a growing focus on security features.

In his spare time, he is also an avid music collector, enjoys long bike rides, and is fond of cooking, which he is convinced bears similarities to programming.

Valérian Rousset is versed in computer science since his childhood, where he started with drawing fractals and scripting every repetitive task. Finding a way to express mathematical beauty, creating a stable and reproducible universe was a true delight for him.

He finished his master thesis at EPFL in 2018 and started working at C4DT after that. His hobbies are mainly dancing to the sound of the night, debating on any subject and chilling with friends.


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