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Feb 2021 → Feb 2023 Project

PriBAD: Private Biometrics for Aid Distribution

Partner: ICRC, funded by HAC
Partner contact: Vincent Graf
EPFL laboratory: Security and Privacy Engineering Laboratory (SPRING)
EPFL contact: Prof. Carmela Troncoso, Wouter Lueks

In this project, we work on providing a privacy-preserving biometric solution for humanitarian aid distribution. The project seeks to understand the requirements of aid distribution in emergency situation and design a solution that enables the use of biometrics without endangering the beneficiaries that need access to aid.

TopicsPrivacy Protection & CryptographyGovernment & Humanitarian

Jan 2021 → Dec 2022 Project

What If....? Pandemic Policy Decision Support System

Partner: Swiss RE
Partner contact: Mary-Anne Hartley
EPFL laboratory: Machine Learning and Optimization Laboratory (MLO), intelligent Global Health Research group
EPFL contact: Mary-Anne Hartley, Prof. Martin Jaggi, Prakhar Gupta, Giorgio Mannarini, Francesco Posa

After 18 months of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still no agreement on the optimal combination of mitigation strategies. The efficacy and collateral damage of pandemic policies are dependent on constantly evolving viral epidemiology as well as the volatile distribution of socioeconomic and cultural factors. This study proposes a data-driven approach to quantify the efficacy of the type, duration, and stringency of COVID-19 mitigation policies in terms of transmission control and economic loss, personalised to individual countries.

TopicsMachine LearningHealthGovernment & Humanitarian