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Jan 2019 → Dec 2021 Project

TTL-MSR Taiming Tail-Latency for Microsecond-scale RPCs

Partner: Microsoft
Partner contact: Irene Zhang, Dan Ports, Marios Kogias
EPFL laboratory: Data Center Systems Laboratory (DCSL)
EPFL contact: Prof. Edouard Bugnion, Konstantinos Prasopoulos

We consider a web-scale application within a datacenter that comprises of hundreds of software components, deployed on thousands of servers. These versatile components communicate with each other via Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) with the cost of an individual RPC service typically measured in microseconds. The end-user performance, availability and overall efficiency of the entire system are largely dependent on the efficient delivery and scheduling of these RPCs. We propose to make RPC first-class citizens of datacenter deployment. This requires a revisitation of the overall architecture, application API, and network protocols. We are also building the tools that are necessary to scientifically evaluate microsesecond-scale services.

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