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onChain secrets implementation

Title: onChain secrets implementation

Partner: Byzgen

EPFL Laboratory: Decentralized Distributed Systems Laboratory (DEDIS)

ByzGen provide a backend platform (Falkor) that enhances applications and processes, allowing our clients to meet the increasing requirement for data to be shared securely and effectively across boundaries and organisations.

Covata, a leading Data Management business with a substantial presence in Australian Government, have successfully integrated Falkor with their Security application. The integration will further enhance their capability to support cross-organisation collaboration utilising sensitive data, enabling their clients to implement trust and bridge historic data silos.

A key component of the Falkor platform is the onChain secrets service, provided by C4DT-affiliated DEDIS laboratory, which can be used to re-encrypt the most sensitive of data and ensure that any reads to that data are validated, via a distributed and consensus driven decryption process.